Empty World

a poem by Teesha Guliana

The world feels so empty,
Yet your mind is full,
It’s filled with chaos,
Up to the brim but you pull.
You push and pull,
Your thoughts away,
You keep some locked,
And let some fly away.
And then the wind blows,
But you don’t care,
You don’t handle the hair locks,
Which make your vision,
A bit of say, scared.
You remember a smile,
Which got your heart beating again,
You remember the smile,
Which made your gut,
Go silly again.
You wish to hold on,
To hold on to them tight.
Just so in case they slip,
Slip away from your grip.
But once again,
You’re reminded,
To fly,
Let them fly
Let them fly away to glory,
And leave a smile,
On your face my honey.
The world now seems,
So full of love and care,
Just add a pinch of hatred,
And a bit of jealousy I’d say,
And lo! My little darling,
Here we go again,
Running through the chaos,
Making way amidst the moss,
To reach a destination,
Unknown so long,
To be somewhere,
Where you’ve been,
Forgotten amidst the storm…