The Ultimate One – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

So long knowing little the secret of the beginning and the end we live in suspense
Awfully wondering at the supremacy of the absolute power of the Almighty;
Otherwise man would have already excelled God long ago!
Yet, with the infinite power it’s proper for man only to pursue higher
In Science, Philosophy, Art, Literature and Religion,
Which is the way perhaps to work and fulfill the will of god!

The spirit, old wine in a new bottle God (Death) allows,
A change God (Time) does without letting it known
To anyone before hand so far and so forth in the world
So that man cannot overcome work and stop working!
So, we work for redemption, work higher for real satisfaction and salvation.

Space, when compressed to a speck, is nothing but a Spirit,
The yet unconceivable Black Hole of the Universe to the scientists;
The beginning and the end are nothing, if immaterial to the atheists;
But this apparent nothing is the actual Spirit behind everything
That activates the Whole Universe, Nature, World and Man.

Only this ultimate one could be the be all and the end all,
Which is the immanent, the transcendental and unknowable Truth-Spirit,
Before which our material and intellectual powers are matchless and meaningless;
But through our intuitional and spiritual powers alone could we unravel and realise it.

It’s foolish not to take efforts to know this unknowable;
The success or the failure of this competitive world makes sick and fool of us;
But only the intuitional and spiritual pursuits towards this ultimate truth make one wise.

Perhaps this world is there for the materialistic
And that world is there for the spiritualistic;
But no world is there for the intuitionally non-intellectualistic.