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An implicative thin line!

a poem by Shivpoetesspriya

O striving thin line!
O hard to bear the feeling!
O tenacious enduring struggle!

Skill the frame of my internal heart
With your prudent and apprising conditioning.
The heart wants to learn how many heavy-going,
Demanding situations and exhaustion are more to cross!

The journeying quest of my heart
Is beholding a variant of endeavoring
For impelling the direction of a fragmentary wanting.
I can feel its maladjusted, related affecting.
It is inexperient.

The unsuited anger seems to be a thankful friend of heedless botheration!
They inanely meet each other!
The diminutival granules of the dear heart say- I can’t be a deal for an opportunist!
I feel this is how decisiveness is always disposing of with clarity!

The tenderheartedness knows about an enchanted and delicate space of love.
It is constantly dissipating the unexhausted anger!
Come, have a look inside my madded heart!
There is wordlessness and lots of tunes.
Both are having a fairish time celebrating each other’s heartbreaks, anguishes, and unhappiness!