Poems by
Shemily P John

The day to leave

a poem by Shemily P John

I am here ready to die
Amidst the clusters of white flowers
Alluring everyone with a sweet smile, the damsel, sleeping beauty
I am ready to die

I want to be embedded in white roses
That the enticing fragrance captivate all
I wish to be covered, my face too with a soft white
So that my beguiling smile won’t create nightmares

I am ready to die
Freezing all the dull hopes kept me dragging
Muting all the vigor of struggles
Squeezed me to try and try

I am ready to die
Without retaining even a single memory in your thoughts
I want to leave
Without possessing any single sign
Of your souls

I am ready to die
With the magical wand
Flickering in a single moment
Remaining invisible from every single known

I am ready to die
I wish to rush me to the ground
To get melted in a strange barren plot
To enzyme for a sweet mango tree
Which is my tree, to feed only strangers with my sap

I am ready to die
Into a peaceful reminisce of lonely darkness
I am tempted with the stillness
My mind and soul get imprisoned to

I am ready to die
As life has never entertained neither death
I am longing for the still air and inert emotions
Thoughts and feelings

Dreaming of the smiling face
Unmoved untouched
In the white fully like in an array of clouds
Me, alone… I am ready to die