Poems by
Ritesh Haldankar

A groom for an old bride

a poem by Ritesh Haldankar

Binding belly buttoned my bride,
Binding blimey baloney my brine,
Crawling through simmering water,
Creeping under wavering rafter
Pot bellied my grisly wine.

Buttoning my bride,
Bridling my ride,
Scrawny looks,
Scimmety eyes,
Smiting the flighty guile.
Buttoning my bridge,
Tightening my tie,
Belly buttoned my bride.

Grooms absent,
Graves denuded,
In-laws gamut,
Pastor amuckt,
Dying she cursed,
Living she willed,
Bittering moment,
All’s a dready pompous lie,

Hearken unto my prayer oh Peter!
You’d not open your gates.
Care not my buttoning,
Care not my bridling,
Care not for the scrawny malicious male.
Not worthy he be a groom,
buttoning my angelic bride.

So tight she held her breath,
The commune pray to get her a groom.
If none find way, least sweep amuck your heaven.
Peter my Peter, rent an angel a lifetime.
Begotten days she’d live…
The elders say she’d not pass a decade more,
So I pray my Peter, sent thee the handsomest one
Let the brawny Angelly button my bride.

Binding brawny Angelly button my bride,
Booning bantering take her your wife,
Browsing clear factitious skies.
Looming under meritorious wry,
Let her spend her remaining trials,
Pray, not making them dry.