Poems by
Rajat Maske

A poem for my sis, Moni

a poem by Rajat Maske

Confessing my deepest love.
Matter of fact, that’s the sweetest love.
Better than a lover, she teaches love…
Better than a church, she preaches love
Figure out… who am I really talking about right now?
Those angels are ignored… hiding in the dark crying out, right now
Show your love don’t keep your sister waiting… hanging on a wall like a damn painting
She is just there to be noticed and loved instead of hating, not pretending…
We should stop hesitating.
Don’t name it a relation
If you only gonna frame it… let her feel it,
Why is our love for them in the secrets?
Lets reveal it.

What I mean is
Having a younger sister feels like having a daughter at a small age
She’s figuring out the world just help her out there
You never know what that baby girl is dealing with
May be you should stop searching for words or stealing shit
Start believing it

Tell me,
Ain’t that a girl reflecting image of a mother?
Why don’t you stand next to her, be proud as her brother….
Every sister is sweeter than the sugar…
Know it and make her feel better
Make her feel better