Poems by
Rajat Maske

My confession

a poem by Rajat Maske

I’m here to confess
My life is a mess
And it chases my way
I see ’em, few faces staring at my face… with a disgrace!
Wondering what this twenty year old has to say?
Nobody knows a cold story he has to share
Shame, guilt and regret… suffocating my air… don’t stare…
Let me say it… let me spit it out here
Then pick a doubt and I promise, I’ll perfectly make it clear.
So what happened is a story I’m living in still,
I’ve been dealing with the pain, lovin’ a selfish girl,
Selflessly going in, giving up my everything and
Then ending up nill, don’t you worry my pal I’m keeping it real

Keeping it shorter as much as you can bear,
Tripping the orders of the borders of my page
Coz I felt like a living thing being trapped in a cage
Crying out is better and easy nowadays
Writing a letter for myself coz I’m crazy as always

Well ask yourself
How can you be perfectly perfect without faking?
How can you destroy something before making?
Its like they asking have you …. the girl before dating?
Hey tell me have you loved me enough before hating?

My life is like a coin, flipping turns, and the God must be enjoying
Killing me every second and
Every first second is so annoying,
Playing with the words I’m just allowing,
Allowing God, to push me through the toughest points

No it ain’t the problem that hurts, its the life itself…
I’m writing it down
Feeling it right even if it may be wrong for the rest