Poems by
Pushpendra Chouhan


a poem by Pushpendra Chouhan

What I did, is not that much easy.
What I am doing, is not that much tough.

Yeah! It’s success… very pleasant in listening.
But it buried with it, lot of dreams and ambitions.

It’s a big round of applause when you achieve it.
But lot of criticism until you achieve it.

Yeah! I felt that, both taste of this lavish fruit.
The applause and the criticism and the people’s ugly hoot.

But what I learned, in fact, I am still learning,
Always keep that thought, which worth earning.

It’s the world, with full of haters,
But always think in mind, does it really matter?

Just pull your shocks, and get ready to go,
This is the time, work hard, achieve and then show.

Because the world only see your achievement,
They really don’t care about your hard work and investment.

And the last, but obviously not least,
Whenever you get success, be humble with a good spirit.