Poems by
Priyal Narang

Passion – A big driving factor in life!

a poem by Priyal Narang

Passion is something which drives you,
To the sky on high.
“Follow your passion” this is really true,
Because it forces you to try and try!

Your passion is a giver of many things,
It gives you peace, joy and contentment.
It is like a heavenly brink,
Which gives you eternal fulfillment.

People are passionate about different things,
It could be small or big,
It doesn’t matter what others think,
Just follow your heart and desires,
Internally it will take you higher and higher!!

People who are passionate are generally enthusiastic,
They don’t find life monotonous.
Cause they know how to make it fantastic,
Because for them their passion is very precious!!

It motivates them to work hard,
And do something worthwhile in life.
Passion gives them a great start,
Thus their mind is free of any conflict or strife.

So all I am saying is this,
It’s your life.
Make it large.
Don’t let that tiny ball of light die.
Listen to your heart and follow it,
And stay inspired.
Cause if you make your passion your profession,
Then you will find a lot of happiness!