Poems by
Praveen Singh

Fake relations

a poem by Praveen Singh

Will they understand me,
They! who?
The people who are busy in money making,
The guys who has only concentrated on their self respect.
Will she understand me,
Though she is my mother,
She is always being crushed in between me and my father,
She has to handle both the relations.
There is no understanding between us,
Oh! My great father and me,
People say it is due to communication,
Which has created a gap of generation,
But firstly he should start acting like a father,
Then I think I will be able to act like a son.
Will he understand me,
Maybe! He is my good friend,
But these are my expectations which,
Cannot be same for all.
My both relations,
Blood as well as non-blood,
Didn’t work.
I seriously tried to manage those relations,
Which are real life fake.