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God’s Gracious Butterfly

a poem by Jenish

Go, go my dear butterfly
On to the garden of flowers you go
Don’t ever funk to flutter in wind
I’ll be watching your funny leaps.

So gracious from flower to flower
Gliding and swimming through the air
Rather than flapping your little wings
As an artist you turn and twist.

Coming and going with ease and will
In my garden you dance at thrill
On the flowers you sit as still
Until get full with honey that fill.

Surfeit zest you bring my mind
Buried in your flight I forgot mine
Unto the sky and heaven I soar
To the gracious God, my soul’ll fly.

Teach me dear this art of flying
Else I lay buried under soil
Raise me with your tiny drifts
From hell to heaven I flit at will.

Like loving God’s Gracious Butterfly
Yonder sky, my dear soul, I will fly!