Poems by
Hrithik Sahani

We will be alright

a poem by Hrithik Sahani

To the songs we sang under the sakura blossom tree
To the dreams we once had together that would let us live free
Let them be a hangover for the afterlife
Let them be an epitome for the story we are gonna re-write
Because for some reason I know
We will be all right

I remember writing the poems that clearly described you “mine”
I remember your smile which inspired me to say “you and me, yes we are fine”
Let the poems be the melody to which we are gonna dance
Let your smile be the reason for us to continue our romance
Be it the love or be it the fight
Somewhere I still believe
We will be alright

Time has been so variant
The nights have been so lonely
For everything I had and everyone I lost
The constant term for me was you, “the one and only”
So, let’s make a list of the things we are gonna do
Let’s keep the frames and the pictures that once I drew
Because time will pass but the memories will remain bright
But in the end
We will be alright

Who says “forever” is the synonym for love
The world so small, there is another dimension waiting for us above
Let’s hold our hands to never drift apart this time
And fit ourselves together in the tapestry of this beautiful crime
Because one way or another, we both know
We will be all right