Poems by
Farheen .

True Transformation

a poem by Farheen .

As a flower transforms into a fruit,
A girl too has to transform from top to root.
As a fruit ripens, a girl also ripens and becomes a woman.
Its not pretty easy but girls know that “we can”

A girl isn’t emotionally strong,
But afterwards she proves all that they were wrong
That she was the same little girl crying
For chocolates and bars but now handling
Everything right; uses her tricks to pen
Up problems and this shows that “we can”

She doesn’t learn this from anywhere,
But inherits this from her mother and bears
Every pain and heart broken many a times,
Who was sensitive and sweet and was always nice.
But has to handle everything being a woman,
Sometimes questions herself why only we
Should bear and the answer is “because only We Can”