Poems by
Deepti Chauhan

Only Me and My Shadow

a poem by Deepti Chauhan

In deep pain and agony,
Yelling for pardon
I am alone with my shadow here,
But to whom, here is no one
Only me and my shadow-last one.

With all my hopes shattered
Having tears of repentance
No one to pardon all is scattered
I cry because no one left
Only me and my shadow- my essence

For me now living seems difficult
Since no one even to curse here
Why at first I did not feel this agony?
To whom shall this I share
Only me and my shadow left here

The wound of solitude will result in death
But I deserve it
To what all I did was no just
And hence no one left
Only me and my shadow- my fate

I plead mankind
Don’t choose my fate as your destiny
Otherwise, no one you will find
So don’t fight and mutiny
Only you and your shadow will be your destiny