Poems by
Christuraj Alex


a poem by Christuraj Alex

Could any bird in golden cage savor inner freedom?
Gold or iron, cages are cages; Do birds, to exist, need them?

No compulsion, no coercion, no constraint in my choice,
Yet, am I always free, against evils, to raise my voice?

We have, in our nation, freedom of speech and expression,
Once spoke or expressed, you could also be found in prison!

Freedom, we have, to assemble peacefully, without arms,
Even peaceful marches, yet, could bring to lives untold harms!

Freedom to form leagues and unions we’re, indeed, given,
Thorough investigations follow and they’re named treason!

We’re free to move throughout territories of our nation,
We could be named terrorists, and fall into frustration!

Freedom to reside in place of our choice is in our rules,
Roots of caste and creed lost, at the end, we find ourselves fools!

Freedom of subjects, in our nation, is in mere papers,
Often they are used only, in groceries, goods-wrappers!

Don’t we natives use our freedom, like gems in hands of apes?
Isn’t a tinge of devout duty, that, true freedom, shapes?

Making laws and execution must go mutually,
People and states, hand in hand, must walk spiritually!