Poems by
Agnibha Sarkar

A sip of coffee from the flask

a poem by Agnibha Sarkar

He took a sip of coffee from the flask,
Sky was barely lit with the light of the dusk.
Before him stood the majestic mountains of Siachen,
Sight of which trembled even the bravest of men.
Approaching him was a night, stormy and cold,
He sat in his bunker alert and bold.
Last week, it was here that his colleague was killed.
And today he was sitting there, protecting his Motherland like a shield.
This young man in his twenties, with a brave heart
His eyes and sniper watched over the enemy ever-alert.
Beside him a three day old newspaper laid,
In bold letters whose headlines read-
‘To protest for the stone pelting militants’, the army shot dead
Intellectuals returned their awards, slogans were said.
But when his colleague died defending the nation nothing such happened,
May be because soldiers are paid a salary ‘To Die’, at the month-end.
He thought to himself, for whom do they fight-
For whom do they guard the nation continuously day and night?
Suddenly he remembered the oath they took in Military academy-
They will fight protecting the nation, even if death is in destiny.
Then his eyes fell on the Tricolour, fluttering beside,
With Goosebumps all over the body, it filled his heart with pride.
He realized in this game, there is no going back to the pavilion-
On his shoulders laid the duty of protecting a billion,
No matter what comes, he will continue with his task,
Smiling to himself, he took another sip of coffee from the flask.