Poems by
Aarthi Prasanna Dr

Saving our Soil

a poem by Aarthi Prasanna Dr

With Soil, mother earth nourished us all;
The shrubs, the plants and trees so tall;
Insects, birds and animals too;
From soil we came and thence we’ll go.

Through times we used her for all our needs,
We bruised, ploughed and sowed many seeds.
Our ill-practices, did her more harm
Than she could get back her previous charm.

So, now are hard times, we’re paying the price;
She has lost her organic touch, with it the lives;
She has become dry, unyielding and furrowed-
No crops, no food; climate changes have soared.

Its time to be aware, its now or never-
To realize that we may lose her forever
Its time to be grateful for all that she has done,
And also our bit for the generations to come.

Today, let’s voice our concern, one and all
To bring global measures, big and small
Green measures, less chemicals, more earth-friendly states,
To put life back in the soil, before its late.

For, soil is our earth’s very soul, I’d say.
Whatever she has given us, it’s time to repay;
We need to save the soil: rejuvenate and revive,
’cause by saving soil, we are saving all lives.