Poems by
Vijay Sharma

Lost Love (An Ode)

a poem by Vijay Sharma

You wert a wizard.
Your beauty cast a spell on me
And in the torrent of your charm,
You made me dive deep.

Like an enchantress,
You wert adored with a svelte appearance,
Sleeping on your arms
I guzzled the nectar of love,
And then we floated in the wind
Taking the wings of a dove.

The quenchless flame of passion
You arouse in my soul.
I hurried towards you,
You wert my ultimate goal.

But then like a mirage
The more I was nearing you
Farther you wert cast,
The more did I chase you,
You just whirred past.

Departed lover and dead Love
Are never a Phoenix,
To rise young from the ashes,
And to swim back the Styx.

Freed from your arms,
In exile, from a dream,
I was lulled by the caressing wind.
And when I wake up,
I searched for thee,
But you wert no where to be seen.