Poems by
Veena Damodar

You are my passion

a poem by Veena Damodar

It was a full moon night,
Bright but soothing,
The moon shone down,
In all its glory.
The day was special!
It was that midnight,
When you came into our lives
When everything changed for us!
The moment you were bestowed unto me,
I knew you are to be a passion in my life!
From then my life took a new turn,
It revolved around you.
Your laughter, your cries,
Were so soothing to my ears!
I forgot myself, my spouse, my favourite
Programmes on Television, my reading, my work, my daily chores,
For I was there for you, all the time,
Ready to dance to your tunes!

Now as I ponder, of times gone by, my thoughts fleet back,
To those early years of your childhood,
The games we played, the jokes we enjoyed,
I must say I relished every moment of it!
Not missing any school function of which,
You were always a part, be it sports or music or acting!
The glorious moment was when you were,
On the stage to receive your reward!
You have since been soaring heights.

On the occasion of your birthday, let me tell you,
My life still revolves around you,
You are my passion!