Poems by
Varun Sahay


a poem by Varun Sahay

Oh, the sun that set yesterday
Was the same as the one, day before
The words that I wanted to say
Have changed today even though

Maybe fear, maybe charm
But Blue skies with puffy clouds
Neither depicts joy or pious harm
But are there for you to enjoy.

Love women and God fearing man
Do things immoral and that are banned
The end that comes will justify the means,
Whatever happens shall be seen

You, me and all those men
Sit idle, selfish and don’t give a damn
Why should we care, we haven’t sinned
We are the winners while the world is a sham.

These are the ways in which the foliage shall die
Naked children in wombs shall cry
Seas shall burst and erupt high
For what do you know or do I.

Languishing in overcrowded desolate jails
Prisoners who did what it took to feed
Knowing if caught they would get bail
Growing older and burying their seed.