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I hope that you will come back for me

a poem by Vani

Whenever we look at each other
You smiled through your eyes
Whenever you hold my hands
I felt comfortable

When you asked me
How much I love you
I don’t know how to express
The way you made me feel

All lovers will present
Roses for their lovers
But you presented me a Rose Plant
As all that blooms are for me

At times, I will pray god
That I should get fever
Becasue you will lean
My head on your shoulders

As long as you are with me
I do not know to cry
I have never yearned for anything
I felt like you are in me

Two years have gone without you
I do not know the reason why you left me
It is very difficult for me to believe
That I am still alive

The rose plant is still alive
You are still alive
My love on you is still alive
I hope that you will come back for me.