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a poem by Thirupurasundari

A window into my childhood
Glimpses of the past…
Prayers for the future
And everything that’s between…
Smiles, tears, laughter
And lots of love.

The fall that hurts,
But the promise of a helping hand comforts.
The separation brings tears,
But promises memories sweet.

Pangs of jealousy and moments of dislike
Overcome by that magic emotion called love.
From school day crushes to strange maturity
Long lost friends, everlasting memories…

A child smiles, and my innocence is back.
A kid’s prank, and my mischiefs peep through.
Looking through the window of my heart
With misty eyes…

The silent conversations with my best friend
Ring through my ears and echo deep inside…
A strange emptiness fills my heart.
A drop of emotion overflows the brim
And dissolves into the memories
At the blink of my eye.