Poems by
Suresh Chandiran


a poem by Suresh Chandiran

I was just glancing thro’ the window,
Resting my hands on the rusty bars
Watching the road in front of my house
People moving here and there on a busy road
Vehicles racing across- some slowly as snails
Some piercing and tearing the winds as they pass by.

I just caught hold of a Black Pulsar.
May be, moving unlike the Black Pearl
Slowly and steadily, my doctor’s injection.
Majestic and pleasant for me to look.

I just moved my eyes in pace with it.
Thinking as if, I just drove it
All of a sudden, don’t know from where
It hit against a dog, hurrying to cross
Vehicle just tumbled and fell off the road
Threw the Rider and the pillion onto the ground

It just happened by the wink of an eye
The dog escaped from the tyres,
Even without a scratch and scar.
The driver and pillion,
Finally had to bear it all

I just saw, may be two minutes later,
Thousands of people crossing the roads
Hundreds of vehicles just sped fast across,
Many a dogs crossed the roads
Without even a hit and scratch to all

I just proclaimed till then that,
I’m the owner of my very own life.
Planning and deciding even its intricacies
To steer me and my life safe onto shore

It just struck me and made me stall.
Today, may be I’m just peeping thro’ the window
tomorrow, may be I’m just walking out
driving a vehicle, fast and safe
crossing the road, may be the dog,
unaware that my life is at stake
driving my vehicle with controls in my hands,
till may be meeting the absurdities of life,
may be, meeting unawares, the end of my life.

It just struck me as a blow
where I live my life, free and glow
taking the parts as a play on stages
and just be an unaware observer for
what the next second has in store
without the ownership of our very own lives
It just… It just struck me as a blow.

Xpect the UnXpected