Poems by
Sumita Pai

Life’s a Beach

a poem by Sumita Pai

They collapsed into the sand
Their faces turned up against the breeze
Their laughter ringing in the air
Casting a spell across that silent night

The lone boat cracked right down the middle
A mute witness to their chatter
With only the beam of the lighthouse casting a warm glow
While they drew circles in the sand

They had given up building castles in the air
Long ago when time dealt them a cruel blow
Now they were stronger and could swim against the tide
And yet between them was a great divide

The future lies ahead of them
As vast an expanse as the sea’s horizon
They walk barefooted towards the water
Holding hands as they were always used to

They look around at all the jewels cast ashore
And promise to build a foundation for the future
At last their eyes shone in the moonlight
A meaningful purpose was finally in sight