Poems by
Sumeet Ghai

Nature and the ungrateful human

a poem by Sumeet Ghai

The ad nauseam oceans as azure as can be,
The mystical cascades with water sparkling like ruby.
The murky and shadowy woodlands,
The rapturous flora and fauna.
The ad lib meadows with young dewy grass,
The soaring trenchant peaks like gleaming bronze and brass.
This is nature! Our sweet nature,
The cherub creator’s nature.
Thy are needed for a bright future,
Thou bequeath basic amenities to this creature.
In response we gave you woe,
You made us your son but never your foe.
We chopped down your hands, we hacked down your legs,
We stabbed into your back, but never did we beg.
Yet we didn’t recognize your significance,
That you maintain the ecological balance.
That you too need to be respected,
As you bestowed us with all we expected.
But we have perceived your worth too late,
So now we’ll have to live on our fate.