Poems by
Subhajit Sarkar

Raju’s Wedding

a poem by Subhajit Sarkar

A familiar feature coming down the stairs,
Unmistakably, Rajarshi, adjusting his specs and arranging his disheveled hair.
No T-shirt, no Jeans, no Nike Air,
A chador, dhoti and choti combination, giving a look so unfamiliar.
Although expression is bright, but mind contemplating,
God knows how fruitful will be the new beginning.
Well cladded in a wedding gear,
Marching ahead to meet his lovely life partner.

The traditional rituals are making him irritated,
Appears a long wait before he could see his beloved.
Patience was now the only medicine,
Can cure frustration felt within.
Finally his effort ended,
As the Sonkho announced the bride’s advent.

Exquisitely dressed in a fabulous Benarashi,
Shining ornaments adding colour to the artistry.
Face adorned with floral designs,
Expression shy, making a vain effort to smile.

The boring mantras were finally over,
Both geared up for the final over.
Raju moved ahead, closing the gap previously created,
Sambrita placed the garland, dot on target.
Forgetful Raju standing upright,
Prompting crowd, forced him to place the garland right.
‘Shubho Drishti’ was a mere formality,
The eye game has been played already.

Basu suddenly in a dancing mood,
Wishing the crowd had not been around.
Sambrita wanted to say something special,
Surrounded by invitees, she neither could whisper nor be vocal.
Everyone having a go at the delicacies,
The cause behind these preparations are still on a day long hunger strike.

Finally the day ends in a sad note,
Bride’s family weeps, bidding her farewell for good.
Stop to think what a tradition,
After shaping her up, parents looses possession.