Poems by
Sreejamol K

Frozen Heart

a poem by Sreejamol K

My heart’s was a blooming rose red,
Ah yet there’s a lot to be said.
When so days into nights led,
The red rose turned white frozen dead.

The spring had come, it’s fragrance anew,
Bare boughs had bloomed, sparkling afresh.
Life was sprouting color, painted new,
When for the first time I met you.

Summer had brought, in outstretched arms,
Fresh delight and a bouquet of charms.
Your magic held aloft, sweet my dreams,
As my heart leapt and danced, like bees in swarms,

Then came the fall, the rhythm fell slow,
When memories fell smooth, losing it’s glow.
I trudged the sands, seeking you,
While even the wind ceased to blow.

Winter was early, my days froze,
Into meek nothingness my life wore.
As the cold settled, and the breath slowed,
I know what I’m waiting for, nothing more.