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a poem by Somnath

You are the morning sunshine who brightens my life,
Shining on me with your love;
You are the waves upon the mighty ocean,
You are the moon and stars above.

You are the dewdrops of the dawn,
That touches my heart everyday;
You are the fragrance of the blooming flowers,
The aroma of which surrounds me everyday.

You are the splendid colours of the rainbow,
Stretching over my soul and heart;
You are the reason of my existence,
My life is meaningless with you being apart.

You are the beautiful butterfly in my life
Filled my journey with lots of colour;
You struggled hard to come out of the cocoon,
But made me feel ease with all your endeavour

You are the trees above that give me shade,
Without you beside me I am almost dead;
You are the sky stretching over land and sea,
Life without You, I can never see.