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The Angel in My Life

a poem by Somnath

When the twinkling stars were shining bright,
High Up in the midnight sky
Like an Angel, You came in my life,
Held my hands and made me fly.

Up from the sky,
The Earth seemed so peace;
With You in my Life,
Everything had become so ease

My unspoken words,
Only you could understand;
My heart used to melt,
With the Golden touch of your soft hand.

With you beside me,
All my worries used to fade away;
The cute smile on your face,
Always used to make my day.

During the full moon night with our endless walk,
Completely lost in our endless talk;
Made the days so happy in its way,
It seemed all pain in my life are miles away.

Why did the Sun rise?
Why did the Stars hide?
Then only I saw life,
From the other side.

Our Love is Divine,
Our Love is Pure;
Then why did you walked
Out of my Life

With tears in my eyes,
Heart full of pain;
From deep inside my soul, I pray,
Oh! Angel, please come back in my Life again!!!