Poems by
Sinduja Ragunathan

A life with colours

a poem by Sinduja Ragunathan

Everyday, as I am woken by
the yellow sun, I sit to admire.
Yellow, the colour of ripe lemons
And the glorious fire,

As I sit and see the yellow sky,
giving the evening light,
I let my mind wander
Memories yellowed by age.

Memories.some, where I am as happy
as a flower in bloom,
and also some which feed me
distress and gloom.

Gloom.showed by the colour blue,
but is that true?
No, for when I see the blue sea,
I get satisfaction as an evergreen tree.

Green.the coat of rich fields,
which gives prosperous yields,
So colour of prosperity.is that green?
No, for I am only reminded of how I had once been.

Yes, innocent and immature,
That was how I was at a green age,
Oh, old memories flood me!
And I feel like opening my childhood page.

Childhood.stage of purity,
Purity, shown by colour white,
Oh, my dear clouds! How white you are!
I only wish you weren’t that far.

And when I see your beauty,
I become red with anger,
for how can I bear,
this partiality of the creator!

Anger.denoted by red?
No, surely not because
when I think of red, I can but
only think of a pretty rose bud!

Colours! Oh! What a wonderful feeling!
Each with a marvelous meaning!
Each a truth of nature’s beauty,
showing both peace and ecstasy.