Poems by
Siddharth Sanyal

48th Milestone

a poem by Siddharth Sanyal

To this 48th Milestone
Along this singular road
Filled with countless events
I’ve managed to carry this load

It always got heavier
As I climbed up this hill
With history that kept piling up
Yet I never stood still

How far have I traveled?
I sometimes turn around and look
See the stories in memory’s lane
Perhaps it’s time to write a book

I plod on and look ahead
With my mind’s questing eyes
Over this visionless hillock
How further the road lies

How much further do I travel?
When do I get some rest?
‘Coz the road now holds no charm
I’ve left behind the best

But I feel there’s more tarmac still
Once I get over that top
With age-bent shoulders I carry on
My feet refuse to stop

All I do is hope and pray
On my journey to that crest
Life still has something to offer
Before I finally rest