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a poem by Shyamprakash

Then, I walked along woods-
In merry moods of pain
Lone, narrow, with yellow rustles-
The winding fairy serpent!
Long evening shadows-
Tattooed thin curves-her charm!
All saffron covered, in cool sunlight.
Hollow birds screamed above
I know, I didn’t hear.
Withered smell-
Of lovable, dreamable night
With sad ravished stems-
Wild jasmines; I’m sure!
Buzzing drops somewhere
As tongue’s sad remembrance!
Small happy darknesses sprouting
From the roots of pining ivies
Before that, my next death-
With this yellow golden drop.
On her orange ness, I kiss
On black split-tongue,
I lick- hisses!
And then white sharpness inside
On its edge, my nectar
The dangling drop with-
World upside down!