Poems by
Seshu Chamarty

Fair that is unfair

a poem by Seshu Chamarty

I loved the air of the fair;
so exotic, from end to end,
With one-eyed baby-unisex;
The daredevilry, sleight of hands;
The miracles, funny mirrors;
Trinkets, excitingly one-sided bargains;
Popcorn smells, fingers sticky – Ice-creams;
Rides that topped dizzy heights;
laughter ruled- tears out of fear;
for childlike faces in most adults.

Sooner I neared the exit,
a wan look drifted from across the gates,
struck hard between my eyes;
It was a sparse girl child in rags
gaping at the glitter in faces, randomly,
in the crowd leaving home.
Might be that she had no money
to afford the fair’s price,
nor a home to go to.