Poems by
Satheesan Rangorath

Face of Truth

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

World is a matter of light and shades.
Everything shines after brilliance of truth.
Darkness dips its brush in fluorescence,
Puts blush of a rouge on her face.

There is in the duality of world,
Evolves a black side and a bright side.
All love a world under flood light,
Shines showing spring flowers of life.

Nothing exists as single in this universe.
If one is real, the other is a reflection.
A shadow follows every matter no matter.
Ultimately consumes one another.

Sun eats away moon on an eclipse day.
It is Moon’s day to eat the sun on a lunar day .
Twins strike entire macrocosm each day.
Microcosm remains inside as seeds.

Masters who ascent to a higher realm;
Settles there in pure gleam of ecstasy.
Holy Mother of universe observes, and
Transforms each one into unique unity.

In the high realms of effulgence;
Remains none other than purity, the face of truth.
Fire sanctifies each life to knowledge,
Tongues of fire licks away impurities.

Whole of cosmic dream merges into one delight.
Enters into end of knowledge- into silence.
Wisdom dawns from the enlightenment.
Beauty of muteness appears like a dawn!