Poems by
Sanjukta De Dr

Mother Earth

a poem by Sanjukta De Dr

Once when I was in a pensive mood
I saw a solitary bird
soaring high to the heavens above!
So free it was, so happy and gay
for it to go wherever it may
to distant lands
to the lands unexplored
and terrains unknown;
it was not tied to the earth alone-
all its ties were broken
all bonds torn.

As I followed the receding speck
with my eyes,
far away I heard the thunder groan…
The bird, frightened as it was,
changed its course
and glided back
to the outstretched arms
of mother Earth in haste;
the eternal mother
oblivious of the bird’s insolence
that had abandoned her just a moment ago
welcomed with shelter
to protect it from the oncoming gale.

It set me to think
and I pondered that
wherever a person may go
in times of need
he will remember his mother alone
for it is only she who forgives and forgets
and loves and shield you come what may.