Poems by
Sanjeevi Prasad

Ups and Downs, Highs and Lows

a poem by Sanjeevi Prasad

The Ups and Downs of life
The Highs and Lows of life
Are never easy to contend with
‘Cos we’re never content with
The Basic Needs
We want more
When we get more we want some more
When we don’t we feel sore

Like the Horizon
Every goal seems near yet so far away
‘Cos we let greed hold sway

When depression strikes…
I feel down
I don’t want to do anything
I want to forget everything
I want to just lie down
I feel shattered
I get battered
I always seem to be wrong
I always feel like a loser
I’m low on confidence
And high on diffidence
I pick up fights
I feel totally out at nights
I seem to get it all wrong
Wrong words
Wrong moves
Wrong steps
Wrong persons
Wrong looks

When depression is off…
I feel high
I want to do everything
I want to be everything
I want to live
I want to be on the move
I’m high on confidence
And low on diffidence
I feel like a winner
Everything seems right
I seem to get it all right
Right words
Right moves
Right persons
Right looks

But when will I strike the middle path?
Will I ever do it in my lifetime?
Before my life ends?
Can I always be calm?
Unaffected by environment
Without expectations, likes, dislikes, disappointments
Or will it always be like now?

Ups and Downs….
Highs and Lows….