Poems by
Samrat Chakraborty

Question of Age

a poem by Samrat Chakraborty

The seasons come and pass by
Both the wet and the dry
All the year when time just flies
I ask myself how old am I?

I have seen the great battles of old
The fight for power and for gold
Where ethics are bought and sold
From the ages dark and cold.

And day by day my yearning grew
Met conflicting thoughts both old and new
My quest for knowledge did construe
The score of autumn that passed through.

Found the golden words of love
Throbbing in the little heart of a dove
The desire to express that shove
All the barriers mounted above.

The walks of life that I tread on
That were there ever and anon
Where the fight for existence was born
There, beside the rose lay a thorn.

The seasons came and passed by
Both the wet and the dry
The hourglass of life stood shy
I asked myself how old am I.