Poems by
Samrajni Ganguly


a poem by Samrajni Ganguly

I am death.
I am the closest thing to eternity…
I am the sinkage into the soft cushion of nothingness.
I am the propulsion,
From a world of confusion
To a world of tranquility.
Everything comes to an end before me.
Life stands still with my advent.
I am the most prominent face of the sorcerer.
I am death.

I am death.
I am the choiceless pain,
Lingering overhead like a million hanging daggers.
As long as life lasts;
I am the least wanted.
Yet the biggest truth in this universe am I.
Whoever you are, wherever you are, however you are,
You are never too far from me.
The farther you try to move,
The closer you come to being dead.
Sometimes life is uncertain.
But I am the face of absolute certainty.
I am the face of the sorcerer.
I am death…