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Thank you, dear friend

a poem by Sainath

Through the times that we’ve been together
We’ve seen it all, you and me, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried,
We’ve always been there for each other,
Through every weather and through every tide.

And when I was down, when times were tough,
You held me up, helped me in my assay,
Just that glimmer of hope in your eyes was enough,
To egg me on, to put me back on my way.

Though different starts we had and different choices we made
Nothing could separate us, forever united we stayed.

Though we rarely agreed; we seldom fought,
Coz’ we’d always take some middle way out.
In troubles and woes, your aid I sought,
You’d always be the person I could turn to, whom I’d never doubt.

From all prejudices, I had, my mind you made free,
Friend, you made a better person out of me.

Though someday, somewhere, somehow we’d have to part,
Anywhere you go, you’d always stay in my heart.
I’d always care for you, pray for you, right till the end.
Thank you for being mine, my very dear friend