Poems by
Ritu Mishra


a poem by Ritu Mishra

Alone, amidst the crowd,
Idle, while others bustle about;
Lonely, lost in thought,
A silent spectator, engrossed
Watching the drama of life unfold
Before my eyes, as I hold
On to the island, that’s me-
‘Nay, I won’t step out,’ I plea.
Action beckons me,
Conscience exhorts,
But, glare of arena thwarts
The realisation of my fancies
My longings are corroded by sea’s frenzy.

Tide over the troubled waters
Of life, I dream, but falter
At the start of expedition,
Daunted by unknown trepidation
Still, stalking the island, I collect
My remaining fragments
While applying intellect
To bestow an identity to my whole,
Lest I should search my soul,
Or, should I anymore try
To answer, ‘Wither am I?’