Poems by
Rick Van Weenen


a poem by Rick Van Weenen

What is understanding, is it weakness is it might?
Is it saying yes at times when no would cause some petty fight?
Is it changing ways with others to walk that mile they walk?
Is it giving time and patients, to share ones heart and talk?

Is it giving up ones pleasure so then there’ll be a smile?
Is it giving up ones leisure so peace shall last a while?
Is it sharing with another, to hear their point of view?
Is it waking every morning with selfless things do?

Is it giving one encouragement, a hug to sooth a tear?
Is it thinking not of selfish things, but others through the year?
Is it being more that person that you wish you could be?
Obeying all the rightful things and helping people see?

Is it knowledge of the Bible, of news that fills the week?
Is it knowing all the Authors and all the words they speak?
Is it speaking fluent on a view of which just few do know?
The integrated workings of a thing that will not go?

Understanding means so many things, for one could not deny
When people do and try to, the days with ease go by
We mightn’t do it always, or think just how we could
For sometimes understanding does not mean what it should

Understanding should be two way, a little give and take
Being diplomatic in the judgments that we make
Being an all rounder, with knowledge here and there
Trying to be righteous and trying to be fair