Poems by
Rick Van Weenen

Questions of Love

a poem by Rick Van Weenen

Is there not a lure for the love that I have lost?
Is there not a cure for a heart which pays the cost?
Is there not an angel sweet with heart to chance with mine?
Is there not tranquillity to sooth and warmth to shine?

Does no one cry the tears I cry for all the pains of love?
Am I the only soul that grieves and prays to God above?
Are answers locked away with time as love that slowly died?
Are tears of man all wasted tears, before he even cried?

Do many now just sit alone with heartbeat slow and weak?
Do many just survive on past and live a future bleak?
Do they grieve through times of loss and live on memories bliss?
Do they fight with loneliness and all the things they miss?

Who answers all the questions? Who truly has a friend?
Do just some fingers on one hand surpass that numbers end?
When love has passed and days go on, is time all that will heal?
Does misery adopt a soul? With who does devil deal?

Who decides the rights and wrongs, ones fate of love or grief?
Who bestows the heart with love and futures with belief?
Are we merely pawns of life which seek and crave renown?
Or are we merely puppets, which one-day just fall down?