Poems by
Ramesh C N

Oh! My Supreme

a poem by Ramesh C N

Why are you forcing me?
Do understand my feelings
I am not interested to write
I don’t know anything to express

My mind turns empty for no reason
Enlightenment flourishes with simplicity
Why I do not know myself? My ownself
Likings and dislikings are within me

I need to be loved a lot from mankind
I also know many pains starts out of love
But I feel I am always right to myself
I am able to make a assessment of oneself

Publicity, Name and Fame are my dislikes
I feel happy and proud with what I have
I am grateful to you for keeping me soft
I take oath to maintain truth at any cost

Oh My Supreme, You gave me all to live
I am very happy to have all you gave
I contemplate for something real in future
Now I strive hard to write something strong