Poems by
Rakesh Keswani

I am forever

a poem by Rakesh Keswani

I was born of the dust,
Aeons ago,
In Mother Earth’s womb,
Far down below.

I withstood the heat,
And the intense pressure,
To eventually crystallize
Into a stone someone will treasure.

I waited with patience,
That would shame an old tree,
For some lucky bounty hunter
To come discover me.

And then the moment arrived,
When I would see the light of day,
Whose rays would dance in my veins,
And make me sparkle and shine away.

I was cut, polished and shaped
Into a stone with many a bend,
I was then given a name,
They called me a Diamond.

I have turned brother against brother,
And friend to enemy,
I am only for the rich to possess,
And the poor for to envy.

But I do have my virtues,
’tis said that I can bring good dreams,
and when worn on a fair maiden,
I do complement her beauty.

I have been traded for Empires,
And for a drop of water too,
I have been won over through bloody wars,
And been donated without much ado.

I am the cause of greed, love and hate,
Joy, pain and lust,
A priceless stone that lasts forever,
Born of carbon dust.