Poems by
Rajorshi Bose

Friends Forever

a poem by Rajorshi Bose

Once, when we were young and innocent,
We would always talk about our future plans,
Like that we would grow up as prince,
Or marry a handsome prince and run away.
We then grew up and our thoughts changed.
We never really wondered what the years would bring.
We never imagined life without each other.
We were best friends… The best ever
Our plans didn’t really matter anymore…
Our imagination ran away with our childhood.
We thought what the future would bring…
Now we worry if we will stay friends forever.
When the years grow, we must remember our goal.
To stay friends… no matter what.
If we succeed we will have no more worries…
Or problems…
Because we have best friends to guide us.
And who else would I want instead of you!