Poems by
Rahul Nachhiketa

Gandhi and I

a poem by Rahul Nachhiketa

In the pages of time
We have buried this man,
Once in a year,
We bring life into this man.
In every rupee, we see his face,
And for this rupee only, the man is slave!
Who remembers him for he is dead.
We are free, we are free!!
And Gandhi says!.Are we???
A day is closed, and tight they sleep,
For some this day is virtual picnic!
A karmyogi was born this day,
And on this day, its karma we slay!
Today, I woke up with Gandhi,
Spread in black and white everywhere,
And I walked to nearby vibrant mall,
To find him, anywhere!.somewhere!
I realized Gandhi is dead, and lives no more,
The falling ideals, and failing society,
It’s a cosmos of dead souls!
A light burning slow but still it does!!
Motivates a few spoilt like us!
Gandhi and I slowly retreat,
At least I can’t accept this silent defeat!
So I light a candle in the sea of storm,
The day this little man was born!