Poems by
Radhika Warrier

Thank you…

a poem by Radhika Warrier

Love has come and touched me touched my soul
and all I can say that I have lost my faith in love,
I lie in my bed.stalling time stalling life mourning for the gift…
that came and can never left
Myself I never know.
I might be insane to say I have lost all
I was ignorant… (have rekindle all my dreams though)
You may take the form of a familiar face,
You may be a thought nowhere to trace,
you may come, stroke my hair and my emotions bare,
May give me the most care and my worries you may share.
But you go as you may not forever stay.
I am sadden as I feel I have lost something that is always there but always changes faces.
It is the feeling I reflect and if I turn blind is someone else to blame?
I close my eyes I dream…
I can hear a voice again… see an image of what Is and always BE.
I am looking for you and you came not once but always when I called you!
How can I disregard for the gift of love You have showered,
How can I say it is me punished,
when it is a boon forever fulfiled.
Love is a feeling in which I live encompassed,
uplifting… fuel to my mere existence.
A purpose to be achieved;
No words to express my gratitude,
Thanking you would belittling the grandeur the miracles of life…in multitudes.
My soul poured in the words as my vessels overflows.
Love has touched me and all I tried to hold it…
I now bask in the glory of love personified.
Lighter soul, Lighter heart floating across the dreams at night.
(I will never stop loving never stop living)
From the time that I gathered senses I am in love… with love.
Thank you all who have been…
Thank you my love of times, of all times from all lifetimes.