Poems by
Queen Zaza

The Sun Worshipper

a poem by Queen Zaza

The Sun Worshipper is afraid of the dark
Of eerie noises; the bugs and the dog’s barks
The horizon is not yet rosy
She strains her eyes to as far as she can see
Not a rosy tinge, not a speck of light
All she sees is the blackness of the night
The Sun Worshipper..craving for her idol
Her body tanned the darkest brown
Her mind; even to herself, a riddle!
She waits, eternally hopeful – her spirit never down.

Hear the mocking bird?
Hear its leering laugh?
The Sun Worshipper – she is laughed at
Mocked at..
By the birds and the animals
And the weeds and the trees
‘Where is He?’, they raise their voice; all at once
Her eyes sting with unborn tears
Her lips whisper a helpless ‘please’
The Sun Worshipper – she waits for her God
Eyes unblinking, to see her Lord.

Lo and behold! There he arrives!
The green streak..! She cries…Its him, Its him, Its him..
He’s coming for me…she closes her eyes
Her body sways..her thoughts swim
The Sun God! He shines fiercely
Blazing..cutting through the thick curtain of the night
His eyes..penetrating..steely eyes
Sweeping over the world..daring to fight.
Insolent gaze he has, yes, the arrogant Sun God!

The Sun Worshipper – she falls to her knees,
Her Lord’s cold glance slides past her body with ease
Her hands raised-
Lips chanting verses of praise
Willing with every living cell of her self
For his look to turn warm and hot.to burn her
But He does not bless her with his look
The proud, supercilious Sun God!
The creator.the destroyer

The Sun Worshipper – she locks her eyes and her mind
To her King’s divine countenance
His lips curl in a sneer
She cringes..in shame and fear
But her eyes..still on him
Clinging on.begging…! Humiliated eyes!

The Sun God – he rides a white horse
Its nostrils spewing white fire
With the slightest caress on its side
It gallops past
Leaving the Sun Worshipper behind
All to herself
In the dark, cold, filthy night
With only her fears to give her company
In the wet, miserable, lonely night!

The Sun Worshipper waits
He will come again
Her love will win him over
She is eternally hopeful
That her Sun God will claim her.