Poems by
Puneet Sabharwal

A Hopeless Hope

a poem by Puneet Sabharwal

I was tryin’ to know ‘bout her lookin’ in her eyes,
But that’s where I lost myself.

I saw her first time, lost ‘n lone,
I tried to talk but I was mere stranger.

I saw her in my dream, holding her tight.
Protecting her, consoling her that things just gonna go right.

But dreams are kind of speculum,
U can see but never feel!

I saw her again far away from the demented world,
Sitting alone, cryin’ n hidin’ herself.

I held her hand, caressed it ‘n said,
‘Cry this river out; let this pain drift out with it as well’

She looked at me ‘n there I found myself in her eyes,
I stood up with a ray of hope inside.

he held my hand as I was ‘bout to leave,
With the same innocence she was still lookin’; at me.

I sat there beside her once again,
‘n as she laid her head on my shoulder, she started cryin’.

But this time it was with precision,
A hope of finally finding someone who cares.

This hope was there in me as well,
Which had forced me to soothe her.

But tonight I still see her cryin’
I see her dyin’ with the same fears that were once there.

I can see questions in her eyes,
Answers of which are not easy to find.

I see her holdin’; my memories,
‘n askin’; me ‘why did u made me smile?’

I’m standing there beside her, but can’t do anything.
Just wonder, who’s gonna make her smile!!

now that I’m gone.