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a poem by Pramod

I did not know
when you grabbed
my hand;
tied that sacred knot
which made me a protector:
so free was the act
as you were my sister
for long happy years.
Like you and I
played pranky games
under shades of trees
and in the heat of verandah.

Those twosome pranks
who made a mess of
life’s domestic particles:
trampling upon maturity
with the most immature
sensations;O, you and I,
were they you and I?
That in overnight’s dream
pricked a part of my sense?
Refuting reality of my past
cutting down a long existing
conscience: everything razed
to an alien surface
where love alone was not alien.

All was a moment’s glance
a moment-triggered feeling
then fell down like the last globule
from a leaf’s edge.
It’s aftermath was a longer one
that still keeps inquiring
were they you and I?
Such was your intimacy.