Poems by
Pragnya Paramita


a poem by Pragnya Paramita

It brushes past me whispering,
Sweet nothings in my ears.
It sways my soul and me
As it passes near.

It brings memories and melodies back,
Tingling my spine.
Those that I had become oblivious of,
Come back bright and shine.
The moon as it peers at me,
From behind the cloud,

Is smiling, a knowing smile.
He has seen what I have not,
He has traversed far ahead of me
For miles and miles and miles.

He knows that this impish breeze
That has disturbed the placidity of my emotions,
My feeling that have now gone wild,
Has done the same to many others
Whom he has fathered as a child.

He beholds tomorrow,
As the sun would shine
To evaporate all these thoughts
Out from my mind.

He can see me back working
Tirelessly, searching for breezes,
Which can never be caught.
Wishing and hoping for
All that won’t be true
All that which can’t be mine!